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Welcome to National Writers Press, Inc.
Welcome to the National Writers Press!

The purpose of National Writers Press, Inc. ™ is to provide the book marketplace with a new approach to standard book publishing, all the while building on to a backlist of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry books as a publishing house with a standing forty year reputation for quality.

The growth of the do-it-yourself publishing houses has changed the face of publishing, anyone can publish a book. Without regard for the book’s salability, these houses will print the book and send the author on their way. The National Writers Press, Inc. ™ has been in business for over forty years, and has established a reputation for producing quality books, and building authors. 

Due to the shrinking book publishing market, and the naturally selective nature of publishing itself, the National Writers Press, Inc. ™ offers quality authors an outlet for their works that would be otherwise unattainable. It is a known fact that any major New York publishing house will not consider an author’s work without representation, or a known author recommendation. This leaves many authors with publishable material and no venue, National Writers Press, Inc. ™ is bridging the ever widening gap between major media conglomerates and the true do-it-yourself world of vanity presses.

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