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Hide & Seek
Taming the Arctic
A Common Thread
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​Can an oil rig really disappear? In the perpetual twilight of Alaska's frontier, that is exactly what happens to Gypsum #13. Oil rigs aren't the only wraiths going bump in the frozen night either. A thrilling race against time, relentless cold, and an imminent prosecution of an innocent man. Cuddle up by the fire for this one, and hang on.
After the Fact

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​Check & Mate

Hatchet Women

How do women react to and cope with life’s challenges? The stories in this collection answer that question in as many ways as there are unique individuals and situations. These women not only rose to the occasion but went beyond -- demonstrating strength, perseverance, passion, faith and the will to conquer what had been given them.
A serial killer is working in the Denver, Colorado area.

A series of events lead Tiffanie Westerland in her quest for the truth to find out who killed her friend Elsie, and who might be trying to kill her. This leads to a deadly chess game with an adversary who only wants it to end with a Check & Mate.

Memories to Manuscripts
What can parents say or do when they discover years later that their adult child had been sexually abused when young? Overwhelmed by guilt and shame, they repeat, “I can’t believe this happened!” Through this heart rendering revelation hangs the question: What do we do now?

​Writing your memories actually is easy. This book helps you go through the complete process from the simple act of writing to the final product. Learn writing techniques to turn your life into a book of memories.
​Edie Firebaugh and her team of young, career-oriented women, are coerced to dye their hair to blend into their insurance company’s event planning department to conceal their real work in special investigations, fraud prevention, and agent termination. They discover a series of murders designed to look like tragic accidents. The unit behind it also happens to be the most profitable for their company.  

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Hatchet Women!
Louise Arner Boyd inherited millions of dollars when her parents died. When she traveled to the far north Atlantic Ocean, she discovered her life goal. Explore her determination to succeed through this biography which takes the reader from the gold fields of Bodie, California to the frozen shores of Eastern and Western Greenland to the society pages of San Francisco. 
Have you ever wondered how much medicare fraud is committed in the United States? Can you really trust the big insurance companies with our elderly? What are these companies willing to do to keep the money? Find out in Hatchet Women: Medicare Mayhem!

Two National Writers Press titles: 

Taming the Arctic: The 20th Century Explorer, Louise Arner Boyd

And NWP December 2019 release 
The Perfect Specimen: The 20th Century Renown Botanical Collector, Ynez Mexia

Will be highlighted in Unladylike 2020, a multimedia series about heroines from the 20th century and those who have followed in their footsteps.

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Sierra Nevada Mountains - 1873​

All her life, orphan Jessie Driscoll has been forced to do her wicked cousin Curtis’ bidding - or else. Until Curtis and his band of bank-robbing outlaws attempt to steal formidable Mitch Wyden’s herd of wild horses.

Hatchet Women:
Medicare Mayhem